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Dear Friend of the Animals,

We love those YouTube videos where people rescue animals, don’t you? A guy climbs up a wall to save a stranded kitten…a woman fights a river to reach a panicked dog. They show how much people care about animals … and how just one effort can save a life. It brings tears to our eyes every time.

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Yet, your support of the JoCo Spay & Neuter Fund is even more moving than those compassionate sagas. With just one gift, you save many lives -- not just one. If we had a video to share, you as our supporter would be the star, surrounded by dozens of happy dogs and cats with loving, life-time homes.

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Our Mission
The mission of the JoCo Spay & Neuter Fund is to decrease the number of unwanted dogs and cats in Josephine County through massive, sustained spay and neuter efforts. The result will be less euthanasia at our local animal shelter, less animal abandonment and less animal abuse in our county. During the past 8 years we have helped "fix" more than 10,000 dogs and cats and six bunnies!

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Our History
The Raskin family - Carl, Linda, David , and Murray -- started Jo Co Spay & Neuter Fund with a group of friends concerned about all the homeless dogs and cats in our county. They knew that spay and neuter funding was "the orphan child" of animal rescue, because shelters must use so much of their resources to house, feed and adopt out animals. They wanted to focus all their energy on reducing the number of animals, so that more would be able to find "furever" homes.
JCSNF earned its official non-profit, 501(c)3 designation in November of 2009.

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What We've Accomplished

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